Evening primrose oil
Evening primrose oil
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Evening primrose oil effect, can promote fat metabolism, nourish the skin, and slimming effect. And it can be anti-inflammatory, anti coagulation, blood lipid, cholesterol, hypertension control, prevention of heart disease and stroke. In order to prevent the oxidation of evening primrose oil, evening primrose oil will be made of soft capsules.

specifications:60 grain / box

1 with endocrine regulation, relieve dysmenorrhea effect: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, improve female endocrine disorders, adjust the menstrual cycle, help to maintain the ovary.

2 light spot beauty, weight control: can improve the dry skin, itching, reduce acne and acne, so ruddy complexion, but also to reduce blood pressure in the three acyl glycerol, reduce body fat accumulation.

3 resistance to aging: Evening Primrose anti-inflammatory immune regulation, can improve rheumatoid arthritis.

4 to alleviate menopausal syndrome: effectively relieve insomnia, anxiety, depression and so on, to ease the symptoms of menopause, prevent bone loss, prevent osteoporosis.

5 to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health: Evening Primrose GLA can avoid abnormal platelet coagulation, reduce thrombosis and atherosclerosis hardening.

1 health care function: follow the doctor's advice

2 applicable crowd: according to their own situation

3 Edible methods: oral, 2 times a day, every 2-3 tablets

4 shelf life: 24 months

5 storage methods: cool and dry place

6 marked ingredients: organic evening primrose oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water

7 note: This product can not replace drugs